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 Tooth Extraction

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tooth that is abscessed or decayed so severely that no other treatment will cure the infection. If you do need one or more teeth extracted, Dr. Charles McCluer can perform the extraction on-site with conscious sedation – so you get the damaged tooth out and you can get back to normal life.

Reasons to have a tooth extracted
If a tooth is abscessed or if it is so decayed that the tooth is already dead, it may be a candidate for a root canal – a treatment in which the dentist removes the pulp from the inside of the tooth and fills it. Then a cap or crown is usually applied to the tooth.

However, sometimes the tooth is too damaged to be saved by a root canal treatment. In that case, a tooth extraction may be the best option to heal your mouth and keep the infection from spreading to other teeth. Dr. McCluer can extract the tooth on-site, using conscious sedation.

After you have the damaged tooth removed, you may choose to have the tooth replaced with a dental implant and bridge to fill in the gap left by the extracted tooth. Dr. McCluer can discuss your options with you and help you decide on a course of treatment.

Tooth extraction for dental patients in the Fort Worth area
If you need a tooth extracted, you may be nervous about the procedure – but waiting until a diseased tooth spreads infection to other teeth can be a dangerous delay and lead to further damage, possibly even the need for more extractions.

And since we perform tooth extractions in our office with pain medications that leave you conscious and alert, you’ll soon be back to normal – with less tooth pain from infected or abscessed teeth.

Dr. McCluer can assess your damaged tooth or teeth and help you decide the best course of action. If you do need a tooth extracted, he can also advise you on dental implants and bridges to help fill the gap and improve your smile.

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